Medical Negligence Cases. 

From treating a psychiatric patient with an exorcism to harrowing birth injuries, the medical negligence blog brings you the most interesting medical negligence cases from around the globe.

Medical negligence cases:

  • Plastic surgery gone wrong with scarring resulting from laser treatment…[more]
  • Malpractice cancer treatment after overdose of radiation…[more]
  • Birth negligence after placenta and gauze are left inside a mother…[more]
  • Dentist sued for unsanitary equipment and poor infection-control…[more]
  • Medical negligence claim for bleeding as hospital fails to follow up…[more]
  • Gastric banding negligence for misdiagnosed infection…[more]
  • + summary of crazyfamous and interesting medical negligence cases.

Note for medical negligence lawyers

If you have medical negligence cases you would like to share on the Medical Negligence Blog, please contact us or connect via twitter or Google+. At the moment, we are particularly interested in cases on birth injuries such as cerebral palsy and dental medical negligence.

Note for potential claimants

In addition to the interesting negligence cases above, there are a number of common medical negligence categories (e.g. misdiagnosis, surgical error, etc.) and common situations such as birth injuries, dental care and prescription errors. If you are looking for information on common medical negligence cases, see: medical negligence situations


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