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From no-win-no-fee reforms to million-dollar malpractice marketing campaigns, the medical negligence blog offer you summaries of the latest medical negligence news from around the globe.

Medical Negligence News

  • Medical Board Gets Tough on Medical Malpractice…[more]
  • Advertising for the Elimination of Caps…[more]
  • Medical Negligence – QLD Cases Reopened…[more]
  • Solicitors Declining Medical Malpractice Cases…[more]
  • Medical Claims Campaign from Medical Negligence Firm…[more]
  • No-Win-No-Fee Firm Required to Hand Over Client’s File…[more]
  • UK Reform to No-Win-No-Fee Arrangements…[more]
  • 500 People Die from Medical Negligence in Just One Hospital…[more]
  • New System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes…[more]

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