Medical Negligence Research & Statistics.

Hotly debated and ever-evolving, there are hundreds of reports on medical negligence claims and the impact of global tort reform.

Here, we bring you the payout figures, the hospital statistics, the NHS insurance costs and much more.

Medical Negligence Research & Statistics:

  • Australian medical negligence statistics…[more]
  • Claims due to doctors’ long work hours…[more]
  • Malpractice claims resulting in better hospital performance…[more]
  • Wrong site surgery increasing and underreported…[more]
  • Nurse negligence statistics…[more]
  • Surgical items left in body…[more]
  • Failure to explain risks the leading cause of medical negligence…[more]
  • Recession resulting in more medical negligence claims…[more]
  • Botched care in pregnancy…[more]
  • U.S. medical negligence claim statistics…[more]
  • Huge NHS negligence claims expected to rise…[more]


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