Medical Negligence Claim – Practical Advice.


This practical advice will help you understand the steps (and potential barriers) to making a medical negligence claim in Australia.

Medical Negligence Practical Advice: 

Steps to Making A Medical Negligence Claim

Practical advice on obtaining a free preliminary assessment, preparing for your first appointment and what to expect during the investigation / viability testing.

Potential Difficulties in Medical Negligence Claims

Summary of the major practical, legal and financial difficulties of medical negligence claims – and information / resources to support you.

Medical Negligence and Hospitals

Overview of the duty of care owed by Australian hospitals and practical advice on what to do when making a claim of medical negligence against one.

Medical Negligence Situations

Non-exhaustive list of ‘common’ medical negligence categories (e.g. misdiagnosis, surgical error, etc.) and common ‘situations’ (e.g. prescription errors, cosmetic surgery, etc).

No Win No Fee Lawyers

Explanation of “No win no fee” arrangements for medical negligence claims and contact details for Australia’s leading no win no fee medical negligence lawyers.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

Summary of medical malpractice insurance, including: the top 10 things to know, medical malpractice insurers and the difference between incidents-occurring and claims-made cover.

Note: Medical negligence is a complicated and multifaceted area of personal injury litigation in Australia. To support you, the team at Medical Negligence Claim have also developed a medical negligence legal summary with simple plain-English explanations of: the legal requirements, legal defences, time limitations, injury thresholds and compensation calculations.