No Win No Fee Lawyers Medical Negligence.

No win no fee lawyers for medical negligence are specialist litigation lawyers who provide ‘no win no fee’ legal costs arrangements.

Under a no win no fee arrangement, you are not liable to pay legal costs unless your medical negligence claim is successful. If you are successful, the legal costs (which can be a higher rate than the up-front payment costs) are deducted from the claim amount received.

It must be noted that depending on the agreement offered by the medical negligence lawyer, you may also be required to pay ‘disbursement’ expenses (e.g. medical reports, experts, court fees, etc.) for an unsuccessful claim. If you are unsuccessful, the Court may also make you pay a percentage of the defendant’s legal costs.

No win no fee legal costs arrangements (available in Australia since 1994) are designed to put the risk of litigation on the medical negligence lawyer and to help people access legal representation regardless of financial means. Luckily, most medical negligence lawyers offer a free no obligation first interview and are prepared to act on a no win no fee basis once their initial investigation has indicated that your claim has the potential for success.

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