Steps to Making A Medical Negligence Claim.

Getting informed

As a visitor to this website (“Medical Negligence Claim”) you have already made the important first step toward making a medical negligence claim. It’s recommended that you use this site to get a broad summary of medical negligence claims in Australia. Once this is done, you should speak with [advertiser] who will be able to provide you with a free preliminary assessment and let you know if they believe you should proceed further with your claim. At this time they will book you in for an appointment to see a litigation lawyer who specialises in medical negligence claims.

Preparing for your first appointment

For your appointment, it’s recommended that you bring along any relevant correspondence and medical reports. If your claim relates to cosmetic surgery, scarring or disfigurement – photographs are very helpful. Try to note key details of your medical treatment (e.g. approximate dates, names of health practitioners, etc.) as this will help you answer the lawyer’s questions and to develop a clear chronological summary of the alleged medical negligence.

Initial Investigation

After your first appointment, the lawyer will undertake an initial investigation about your claim – gathering information, requesting medical reports and obtaining the opinion of an independent medical expert.

Assessing the viability of a claim

At this stage the medical negligence lawyer will review the facts, the law and statutory limitations to assess the viability of the claim – including the likelihood of success, costs, timeframe of bringing a claim, and the potential compensation amount. It must be remembered that whether to pursue a claim is your decision (not a lawyer) however they will provide you with an objective opinion on whether a claim seems worthwhile.

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